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As a consequence of COVID-19 outbreak has closed schools across the country, leaving children suddenly separated from their teachers and classmates. During this crisis, it’s difficult as well as challenging to keep kids motivated at home which can otherwise be feasible in a classroom environment. It’s hard work especially for working parents and who tries to balance work-life along with spending some time with their kids on their academic development.

Our portal Pathmala has brought some great solutions where teachers can virtually reach out to the children to motivate and help them with their learning process / academic development which will bring some normality in their lives in the present condition. However, the benefits of using the portal will not be limited to the confinement of the pandemic situation, even if the children are going back to their normal lives after the pandemic gets over; the innovative techniques of interactive learning available in our portal will still be helpful for the preschoolers.

Pathmala is unique, thanks to its innovative approach towards designing each and every learning category with a balance of fun, interactivity, and edification providing educational values, be it alphabets, counting, rhymes in English, or Bengali. This approach will help to keep the kids engaged rather than distracted and losing interest from a monotonous and prolonged learning sessions.

Some of the categories present are:

Drag-and-drop: This helps the kids to select the correct answers by dragging and dropping on the mentioned location, based on the questions asked, be it identifying colors, sound of animals, letters, emotions, etc.

Flashcard: This is another playful and conceptual means of introducing children to learn words or counting with visualization. This improves their knowledge and ability to understand making it easier for kids to retain their memory of the lessons learned, during their development stage.

Listen-and-learn: This will provide the facility for the kids to listen to audios and learn with illustrations like alphabets in Bengali and English, counting of numbers, antonyms, identifying human body parts, and likes.

Memory Games: It is more of a Match-Up memory game which provides the option of matching up colors, shapes, alphabets by listening to sounds and few other options. This, in turn, helps kids to enhance their visual memory, concentration/attention, ability to spot similarities and differences.

Image sequencing: A feature that teaches students to arrange the alphabets and numbers in Bengali and English in their proper order, which aids in recapitulation of lessons learned.

There is a host of features more that you will get to explore like Dialog Cards, Fill in the blanks, Find Hotspots, Find the words, Pairing of Image, Puzzle, and so on.

Furthermore, Data-Core Pathmala will also be organizing virtual events as well to build an effective student engagement program.

Apart from these daily academic schedules, there will also be online events held where kids can participate for extra-curricular activities and refreshments as an escape from their strenuous academic regimen. In an effort to add a little more fun to learning capitalizing on the advances of this new virtual world, Pathmala also features a slew of interactive events/activities as follows, which children can actively participate in with minimal help from adults.

Virtual Story Time

Read a book to the entire class with illustrations. Ask questions at certain intervals in between which will help the kids understand and be attentive.

Use of Whiteboards

When teaching alphabets with pictures or teaching counting, the use of the whiteboard feature can be beneficial in keeping the lesson interactive. You can play games like Pictionary to add a little fun while teaching.

Scavenger Hunt [I Spy]

We can involve the tiny tots to search for a hidden piece quickly in the house and show it quickly on the camera. Some ideas could be:

  • hold up a letter and ask the kids to find something in the house that starts with it. Once they find and show in the camera, ask them to mention what they have selected.
  • Hold up an object with a certain shape or color.
  • Hold up an object that has numbers.

These options will not only prevent limiting of what students can find around them but also expand their attention peripheries.

Magic Tricks

In this harrowing time, there are barely any activities or interactions done by children. A magic show organized virtually will be an entertaining break for children along with their parents or nannies. A story or lesson can also be added through such shows for imparting lessons grabbed as entertainment.

Art Attack

Arts-n-crafts sessions with kids will help them to think out-of-the-box and get creative. In this session, you can assign the children to draw certain objects, like a giraffe or an apple, and ask them to hold it up so the rest of the class can see their creation.

Health is Wealth

Apart from the academic and creative development, having a healthy lifestyle is also important. Arranging an exercise or meditation session will help kids adopt a healthy habit.

The pandemic has pushed this generation of students and teachers to exercise virtual means, with no other choice, for both to teach and be taught. Not only teachers and students but this entire setup are completely novel and unchartered even for parents as well, who equally need time to adjust to this new virtual world. Pathmala will also host interactive sessions with parents to make them comfortable with the platform and the technology. This way, the parents can also keep tabs on their child’s daily activities and what they can expect for their little ones.

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