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Virtual Learning During COVID-19

A new normal life during a pandemic is not something we anticipated happening, but are forced to adjust nonetheless. There are many challenges to overcome in this new way of living, one of them being the move to almost everything virtual or online. Most people, especially in the U.S., have moved to remote work and virtual schooling.

Today, technology and internet access has made it easier to continue our normal lives for the most part. But virtual schooling presents its issues for parents, teachers, and especially students at an important developmental stage in their life such as preschool and kindergarten aged students.

A new normal life during a pandemic is not something we anticipated happening, but are forced to adjust nonetheless. As kids are not surrounded by children their own age or may not have a teacher to guide them face-to-face, this can cause some developmental delays such as speech or learning key concepts of their language.

Of course, students must have access to a computer and an internet connection to participate in virtual learning, which may be difficult for some students in different communities in different parts of the world. However, having access to virtual learning can help students progress and bridge the gap in developmental delays. 

With this new method of learning, it is obvious that it is missing the face-to-face connection element, but key lessons can still be learned with an absent teacher. Key concepts like language, math, and even basic, fundamental concepts like colors, matching, and sounds can be learned virtually. Self-serve virtual learning platforms can also allow students to be flexible and learn on their own time, or when their parents’ schedule allows. Not having to adhere to a set schedule can be a win for parents who cannot be as attentive to their children during regular school hours.

An online learning platform like Pathmala can offer a fun new way to learn during this time of uncertainty that students, parents, and teachers can benefit from. Online learning is also a plus for teachers that are forced to teach their classes from home.

The Pathmala platform can be used as a tool for teachers to teach important concepts to preschool and kindergarten aged students. Teachers can also use the platform to assign homework to students without parents having to purchase any books or materials for their class.

Through engaging virtual lessons, students will be more inclined to be attentive to their lessons and stay on track. Virtual lessons may look like games to children but can actually teach important foundational concepts. Though students may miss their classmates, virtual learning can be fun for students at this age.

Pathmala is a win-win solution for parents, teachers, and students. Learn more about the virtual learning platform today.

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